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Work in progress - Anno XIII - n.55 - Gennaio - marzo 2018

di Bruna Condoleo

The photographic universe of Lena Stjemström appears to us as intense and involving, surrounded by penumbra and flashes, emotions and metaphors, in which they intertwine without contrasts memory and visionary.
Her pictorial and emotional language is characterized by the poignant beauty of transparent bodies that seem to fall apart in a radiant sensual dance. Lena's art is the result of a visual and psychic project: her shot does not reveal but modifies the appearances of the truth by resorting to an assemblage of images in perpetual becoming, full of a subtle eroticism, which are formed and at the same time they vanish to suggest new consistencies. More than the body motions, the Swedish photographer investigates the movements of the soul thanks to the surprising effects of light and the blurring that transfigure the volumes and accentuate the magic of bodies and faces in search the invisible. Through fleeting visions, Lena composes intense and often disquieting portraits where the continuous luminous variations and the fades translate an aesthetic truth that goes beyond dejà vu and tends more to the concealment than to the revelation of mere contingency.

Lena Stjemström, Photographer/Artist.

copyright Lena Stjernström.

copyright Lena Stjernström.

The portrait is a focal point of the work of an artist: it is a bet with her own interpretative skills in an attempt to grasp the most mysterious part of the ego. In her photos, the result of a skillful technical expertise, she creates a personal and ambiguous space, free of temporal limits, which involves the viewer causing an emotional thrill: the image vibrates and disappears evoking unspecified sensations and poignant melancholy. The forms, never static, pierced by the dynamic propagation of light, urge the perception to cross over into a surreality that is tension towards another psycho-physical dimension. In the visions of Lena, wrapped in silence without interference, one can better perceive the mysterious resonances of the soul; in her photographic creations, a process of the transfiguration of physicality takes place in the spiritual light, an evocative path that fully expresses his complex personality as a woman and an artist.

Paola Valori, who in her Roman gallery exhibits the twelve photographs of Lena Stjemström, together with a sculpture and poetic extracts, writes in the presentation of the Swedish artist: "A few elusive, abstract, almost unfinished shots reflect her dry and at the same time imperceptible view of "her" reality, where words serve as a counterpoint and tend to increase understanding of her goal. An exhibition which, right from the specially studied small format staging, embraces the works as if closed in a box, in a monochrome (strictly white) space, where the artist's interior and analytical path is expressed in apparent simplicity.

copyright Lena Stjernström.

copyright Lena Stjernström

The artistic result which rebounds so much on the eyes in the lunar light of white, the elected poetic colour, is one of the reasons I accepted her project in my gallery for the start of the new 2018 season. Fundamental for the Swedish photographer is the urgency of direct contact with the natural environment, places and people that dissolve in soft and blurry forms, which Lena constructs as "small miniature worlds. What emerges from these few shots that betray their origins is love for the body and the landscape, given that Lena comes from a pristine and beautiful land such as Sweden still is."
We wish the photographer the success she deserves!

The exhibition, entitled "Genius Loci", takes place in Rome from 14 to 21 March 2018, at MICRO ARTI VISIVE by Paola Valori, Viale Mazzini 1.

Lena Stjemström lives in Stockholm; Member of : The Centre for Photography (CFF-Centrum För Fotografi) Stockholm, Swedenöm-
Swedish association for Art (SAK - Sveriges Allmän na Konstförening)-
Svenska Konstnärernas Förening/ Konstnärshuset, Sweden.
Contact details: Lena Stjernström, Photographer/Artist.

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